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Security Workforce Management and Mobile App

The industry where many of us got our start, the security officer space holds a special place in our hearts. Initially developed over a decade ago by our chief consultant, this security officer management system and app has been upgraded and modified by our team through the years based on YOUR expert input. Because while our chief consultant spent decades on the physical security management side of things too, our core team has also spent over 50,000 hours in 24/7 Support to you and your teams. Through these discussions you made suggestions and our tech team made many of those recommendations reality. This is truly a security workforce management app built by security industry experts for security industry experts.  

Custom Workforce Management System

After decades of combined workforce management experience, we found simplicity and efficiency to be the most desired aspects of employee management software services.  So this customizable and affordable workforce management solution starts with a simple employee evaluation report form that can be completed from a desktop or a mobile device, then allow access to the reports to anyone you choose.  From there the system is completely scalable, adding any custom-built reports you need, then allowing you to run detailed analytics on that data collected.  If you are looking for a basic and very affordable, yet completely customized workforce management solution, give us a call to take a look!

Custom Forms & Reports

The AccountAbility Global custom forms & reports solution allows you to digitize reports to your specifications.  Our technical team can recreate reports making them easier for your staff to fill out from a desk top, or a mobile device in the field.  In both cases pictures can be attached as well!  The reports generated can go to your personal database, where you can search them with simple filters and then save and/or print them.  You can also have them scheduled to go out daily.  Inspections Forms, Incident Forms, Activity, Inventory, Chain-of-custody, etc…  You show us the paper report you use, or explain it to our techs, and we can simplify your life! 

SEO – Search Engine Optimization Services

Ideally, the SEO service is packaged with the Website Development service.  The reason for this is simple.  While we will be happy to offer you stand-alone SEO tweaks for your existing website, we can make no guarantees in that case as our seasoned SEO experts did not build your website.  Our SEO “tweaks” will definitely help boost your rankings, but will not put you in the top of the Google searches, 24/7, dozens to hundreds of ways, like having us handle the entire process will.  If you want to have guaranteed placement in the top results, speak with us about the Website Design, Development and SEO package.  You will be pleasantly surprised how cost effective it is to dominate your market.    

Website Design and Development

Our website design and development team can affordably build you a beautiful website based on your direction.  The AccountAbility Global website specialists will work with you gathering data about your services, market and pictures you choose.  We will then construct you a website that not only represents you the way you wish to be represented, but also does it cleanly, efficiently, and by advanced guidelines that will make it easier for potential customers to contact you once they are on your site!

And much more on the way…

Invoicing office and mobile solutions, Scheduling software, Visitor Management, a unique Scanning app that couples with the AccountAbility Global workforce management and custom forms and reports services… These are a few of the additional solutions currently in development with our phenomenal software and app Development and Tech teams.  Of course, it will be easier to follow the rapid advancements and take advantage of them if we are already helping you with the powerful website and/or workforce management system 😉