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Website Design and Development Services

Schedule a Website Design and Development DEMO or call to see if we can offer the best Site Design for your needs.

Website design and development is more than artwork.  A successful website should be clean, make your message clear, and make it ultra-simple for your prospective customers to find you.  Website design and development are part of the same process, which is delivering an awesome website.  The stages of the process work like this:


Most website design companies view this part as a mostly artistic endeavor.  But while having a beautiful website that properly represents you is very important, website design should always consider the psychology of the consumer.  So first, we will get all your ideas, maybe including sites you like, pictures, etc.  Then we will consider your potential customer’s thoughts:  What exactly do they want?  Where are they looking at the page?  How easy is it to reach you? etc.  The website design team at AccountAbility Global knows the answers and will implement the solutions.


Once the design is done, based on your direction, we show you the results and discuss any changes that you think should be made.  We also discuss the psychology of your consumer so that we can incorporate it into the next step.  Unlike 95% of the site design and development companies out there, we will not take over your existing URL, or website address unless you direct us to.  Particularly if you utilize our unparalleled SEO services.


Our website development team will then put all the points of discussion into place, building out the content and functionality based on previous discussions.  You will be able to view the progress during this process on a non-public development server.


Now that the website development team has completed the build-out, it is time to discuss whether you think it is ready or not.  If we get the thumbs up, then…


Certainly the most exciting part of the website design and development process, this is the moment when we unveil your creation to the world!  Once released on the world-wide-web it can take a few hours for Google, Yahoo, Bing and the various search engines to make the changes visible, but it will be well worth the wait!

The only way to compete in today’s world is with an online presence.  The cost effective website and development offered through AccountAbility Global will make that a reality for your company.

Our very talented website design and development staff is a phone call away, or just click to schedule a demonstration.