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Custom Workforce Management System

Schedule a Custom Workforce Management (WFM) System DEMO, or call us at (800) 688-9633 to speak with a workforce management professional. 

Managing your workforce optimally reduces your costs, relieves stress caused by unnecessary confusion, and consequently boosts workplace morale. 

Having a world-class team to support you with the workforce management system software that you use is therefore crucial, and rare.

The Difference

What makes the folks at Accountability Global different is that everyone, from the entry level employee to the president have supported workforce management customers, most cutting their teeth in the 24/7 security vertical. Furthermore, our folks have either worked for companies or agencies where they were responsible for managing their personnel, or have spent hundreds, to tens-of-thousands of hours supporting managers and workforce management software solutions. Any of you reading this, who we have helped before, know all of this to be true. Anyone else will find it out in short order.

But why is workforce management system support “rare” and what makes the team at AccountAbility Global different?

WFM (workforce management) support is generally weak for the same reason that most SaaS (Software as a Service) is weak. People who specialize in developing software, apps and WFM systems are creating a product.  It is the hope, of course, that the product they make will require as little support as possible, because support means hiring people, which costs money.  If you are a businessperson, then you understand that equation, especially if you work in an industry with a thin margin.  The issue, of course, is that no matter how well you build a service “product”, people will occasionally need help.  And if you are only available during banking hours then your customers suffer.  So, instead of properly supporting their workforce management solution, most companies will only work behind the scenes to, “plug the holes”, conversing with their customers as little as possible.

We’ve got a bunch of great people here.

Support is one of the first things AccountAbility Global addresses in describing every service we offer. Whether helping you see if this is the best workforce management system for you, helping you grow with website development and SEO services, invoicing, visitor badges, etc…we are here for you when you need us.

With decades of combined experience in workforce management software and mobile apps, we are acutely aware that you need to be able to depend on your workforce management system.  Between our technical experts building it right, and our training and support staff here to address any confusion or issue, you will soon see that you can depend on the products, services, and people at AccountAbility Global.custom-workforce-management-app

And just because a workforce management system is reliable doesn’t mean it can’t be cost-effective!  Reliability and affordability are built into every service we offer, including helping you more smoothly manage your staff.  If a software solutions company cannot offer workforce management services affordably, then they are making the management “solution” too complicated.

Discover the difference of a workforce management software solution support team that is here for you when you need us.  Click Here for a demonstration, or call now: (800) 688-9633

Through the years, we have watched company after company make this same mistake. And the reason is not a mystery.  Where there is money to be made, many entrepreneurs will hire a bunch of nerds (I’m a nerd, so that is okay for me to say) to come up with an APP.  The problem, then, is that 90% of the software “solutions” are made by people with no actual experience in how to manage a workforce. So you end up with a workforce management system that is not affordable and overcomplicated with things you don’t need.

We at Accountability Global have extensive experience in workforce management and have designed our solution accordingly, based on feedback from hundreds of business owners that we’ve served.  Years in the trenches have proven that SIMPLICITY is paramount.

This is why we start with an ultra-simple base, allowing you to submit an employee evaluation form from desktop or from mobile devices in the field. You can then immediately begin to analyze your workforce analytics based on that employee-related data being collected, creating reports that can then be used as actionable intelligence.

Click here to DEMO this workforce management system or call to explore customizing an affordable workforce solution to fit your needs:  (800) 688-9633

From there, you then have the capability to add any custom reports that fit your needs, or even advise us how to customize the employee evaluation for and reporting to your specific needs!  The concept is simple and extremely cost-effective.  We will go into the custom forms (the part that is filled out from a desktop or from your mobile workforce) and the resulting custom reports (the report that is immediately available to you, you customer, and emailable in a daily summary too) on the “Custom Forms & Reports” page of the site, but the bottom line is that there is no more effective and affordable way to build your custom workforce management system software and app than with AccountAbility Global.

Support, Reliability, Affordability, and Simplicity…not a bad start.  But on top of all that, we are going to brand your workforce management system to your company or agency.  What that means is that, as far as anyone is concerned, this is your technology.  Your reports will go to you and your management and/or customers with your company or agency name and your logo.