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Affordable and Effective SEO Services

Call an affordable SEO services expert at (800) 688-9633 to see if SEO is best for your business or click schedule a Demonstration.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a powerful but widely misunderstood science. When our SEO Manager began his pursuit of this specialty well over a decade ago, most business owners had no idea what SEO even was. But with the rising costs of internet advertising, cost of living in general, and the solicitation/email bombardment from “SEO Specialists” from around the world, a lot of company owners and managers have come to understand something about what SEO is supposed to do.

For any newcomers, here is a very brief, simple explanation:  SEO is the process of building your website so that it is the easiest website in your market for Google and the other search engines to read or understand. By building your website to this “optimal” degree, Google and the other search engines realize that you are the most relevant result to give their searchers. Simple.

To grasp why SEO is so valuable—which does not mean SEO can’t be affordable—it will help to understand two things:

      1. How Google came to the TRILLION-dollar search engine industry well after AOL and Yahoo, and took it over.

When Google came to the scene over a decade after AOL and half a decade after Yahoo, they brought something new and highly desired by a frustrated public:  ACCURATE SEARCH RESULTS.  Google claimed it used hundreds of algorithms that would determine the most relevant results for our searches and would get rid of all the trickery—some of which involved websites “stuffing” their content full of false information so the search engines would pick up on those keywords and present the unrelated “results” of your search.  You may not remember, but before Google came along you could search security guard company near me and get an “adult” website that would unethically stuff their site full of any popular keywords they could think of to get found and clicked.  Google, indeed, put a stop to that, along with any other methods of cheating to be found.  And Yahoo and Bing/ Edge and anyone who wanted to survive had to follow suit.  Regardless though, Google still dominates.

2. How Google now makes its money as a result.

Google is currently estimated to be worth about $863 BILLION dollars, and over 80% of that comes from “pay-per-click” advertising…  Let that sink in for a moment.affordable-effective-seo

That is a LOT of businesses paying Google in order to “compete” for visibility. So, if there are 43 security guard services in your market, and only half of them are paying for clicks, your security officer service advertising only get to show up in the “AD”/ “Sponsored” section occasionally, because thew sponsored ads need to service all of your competitors as well.  If you have a truly massive budget, it will be more often, but not all the time. And what about the other search engines?  You want your company website and services showing up for potential customers using the other search engines like Bing and Yahoo too, right?  So with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, you need to pay them each separately.  That gets REAL expensive, REAL fast.

SEO, on the other hand, puts your business and the services that make you money in the ACTUAL RESULTS (also called “Natural” or “Organic” results), on page one of Google and the other search engines! And the actual results are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Those are the results of SEO.

SEO is the BEST way for your business to dominate the searches for what makes you money.  Call (800) 688-9633 now or click for an SEO DEMO.

The best SEO solves a problem for a business, like any worthy service must do. In this case, that problem is that customers may be finding your competitors instead of you when they search online for the services that make you money.  The solution to that problem is to find an SEO service provider who is the real deal and can put you in the top results, ahead of your competitors, 24/7.

So, increasing profitability by being found in the top results is the way to go, but how do you know if the SEO team at AccountAbility Global SEO can be trusted to put you there.  Well, you don’t, yet.

You will come to trust us, but trust must be earned.  The SEO experts here have done AMAZING things with search engine optimization and will show you so you can judge for yourself.  Whether targeting your market means getting you found locally, or nationally, or even globally, you will be provided with proof that our SEO service folks can get the job done.  And to top it all off, even having seen the proof, we will guarantee page one visibility for what makes you money in writing.

The best affordable SEO services for your business are a phone call away: (800) 688-9633.  Or schedule a DEMO with a search engine optimization specialist to decide for yourself.