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Security Guard Workforce Management

Schedule a security workforce management software and app DEMO or call (800) 688-9633 to see if this is the best security guard workforce management system for you.

Security workforce management software, otherwise known as a guard management system and app, allow you to compete in the ever-growing security guard industry. The right security workforce management system can position you to smoothly move ahead of that competition by offering simple but extremely valuable functions and service that other security guard companies cannot. The security guard workforce management system offered through AccountAbility Global is such a system. Once you see the affordability, reliability, security, and simplicity, along with the expert training and unmatched Support, you will likely decide that this is the best security guard workforce management system for you. You be the judge.

The security officer industry has grown significantly in the years that we have been serving you. And so have the Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that claim to make your workforce operations smoother. So, now you have more competitors and more confusion about what security workforce app and software system will be best for your guard business.

If you wish to keep reading, we will discuss affordability, dependability, and other important factors to consider in a guard management system, as well as exploring the necessary functions and facets of a security workforce management system. But please be encouraged to call at any time to take a look yourself and have a security workforce management expert answer your questions directly and show you how it works.

Call (800) 688-9633 or schedule a Demonstration to decide if this security guard workforce management system is right for you. 

affordable-security-guard-workforce-system Affordability and Cost-effectiveness are both important factors in considering the best security workforce management fit for your company. They mean slightly different things, in important ways, but neither implies a “Free guard management system” or “Cheap security workforce software”. “Free” and “cheap” security workforce management will be as good as cheap or free security guard services would be. Cost-effective means that this is the best bang for your buck, while affordability means that it will fit into your specific budget. The great news is that this security guard management system is BOTH. We are well acquainted with security guard business margins, so we have built this system to fit into any realistic budget.

But what good is an affordable and cost-effective workforce management system if it is not dependable? The answer is that it is worse than useless. An undependable security workforce system is dangerous.

For this reason, the AccountAbility Global security guard management software is built on the same ultra-secure platform as Intel, Cisco, Verizon as well as many government agencies and other Fortune 500 companies. This system meets and exceeds the cryptographic standards of the U.S. government, including FIPS 140-2.  Data security protection also meets all HIPPA and FERPA (education) requirements. Couple that with a 99.99% uptime and you have one of the most secure, dependable, and reliable security workforce management systems in the world. And to help insure the safety of your mobile security officers, we have developed an optional mobile guard app PANIC button, supplying anyone you chose with an alert and GPS position when a security officer submits it from the field.  

And what about simplicity, or ease-of-use? Having spent over 100,000 collective hours serving the security officer industry, we have come to fully understand how important simplicity of use is. Keep. It. Simple. (we will spell it with one “s”) Seriously though, you are running an often emergency-based  security business. The last thing you need is a security officer calling you because they can’t figure out the security guard app to submit an Incident Report! 

DEMO this affordable, reliable, secure, and simple security workforce management system or call (800) 688-9633 to see how this guard management system works!     

The expertise of the AccountAbility Global security workforce management system staff is extensive. As previously mentioned, over 100,000 hours of time has been spent by our key personnel in service to the security officer industry, specifically. Decades, and generations, have spoken with, listened to, and customized our security officer system and app solutions based on those inciteful conversations.

Everyone at AccountAbility Global, from the president to the entry level employee, has spent time “in the trenches”, offer 24/7 Support so that every officer’s shift could go off without a hitch. Support of the security workforce management system has always been paramount to us because it is to you. It is truly astounding how many security guard workforce management “solutions” think that they should only be of service eight hours a day, and not on the weekends or holidays. Wrong! Security never sleeps! So, while we might pass the responsibility back and forth, neither do we.

security-guard-workforce-management-appWhile the security workforce management software is easy to use, and very intuitive, it is still going to be new to you and your people for a very short while. Video and live training is therefore included right out of the gate, along with security workforce management USER MANUALS for both your Management and for your security officers. The User Manual for the field officers and supervisors also has the mobile app built right in, very literally at the tip of your security guard’s fingers. Between ease-of-use, training, and the fully illustrated user manuals, we will have your security guard workforce management system and app rockin’ in no time! 

This security workforce system has all the hits, but also a couple functions that will set you above your competition:

      • Top-notch Support
      • Optional PANIC button for mobile security workforce safety 
      • Security reports for your customers that are BRANDED to your security guard business
      • Geo-tags and time-stamps on report submissions (optional for your customers)
      • QR, NFC or Virtual Checkpoint options
      • General Report Types and/or based on your client
      • Optional pics with each security guard app submission
      • Customer-facing “Reports Portal” (optional)
      • Custom-built reports option
      • Security workforce app downloads for iPhone and Android
      • Situational awareness
      • A Map that pinpoints the last activity submissions of your officers (automatically in the ADMIN PORTAL and optional for your customer’s database of reports)
      • Neighborhood Watch app and community operations system
      • Visitor Management option
      • Multiple report types, not including custom options
      • And new security guard workforce management system functions released regularly!


So, this security guard management system has it all, and then some. Whether you go with AccountAbility Global or not, be vigilant of the ever-growing and complicating landscape of security workforce management system offerings. Many are software companies located overseas who decided to jump on the security workforce management bandwagon to make a buck.  Others are state-side software companies who—for whatever reason—have decided that servicing and supporting you is not important. AccountAbility Global security guard workforce management software is the real deal.

Security workforce management software can be simple, affordable, and dependable. Click HERE or call (800) 688-9633 to SEE if this is the best guard management system for your business.