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Custom Forms
& Reports

Request a Custom Form and Report DEMO or speak with an expert at (800) 688-9633 to see if customized forms and reports are best for your needs.

Custom form and report capabilities streamline your operations. Whether you need to have an internal form created for checking and reporting on boiler performance, a report customized to perform the exact inspection you need done, or a custom chain-of-custody or asset tracking report, the team at Accountability Global is here to get it done, efficiently and affordably.

With years of experience building customized forms and report solutions for both desktop and mobile applications, our staff has mastered the task. And the fact that we can build custom report solutions considerably faster than most companies means that the labor is not as costly, so we can pass that savings to you. Not a bad deal, getting your customized forms and reports more quickly and more cost-effectively!

And just because the AccountAbility Global custom form and report solution is affordable does not mean it isn’t reliable! Anyone reading this who has ever worked with our people—which is likely, given that our core staff alone has over 50,000 hours put into developing customized reporting capabilities and supporting those software and related mobile apps—know that reliability is paramount (and that we’ll be up at 3am fixing it, if that’s when you call.

In fact, the platform on which we build your tailor-fit forms and reports is the same used by many of the world’s most successful companies and agencies, from Coca-Cola, to 21st Century Fox, to Harvard University. Your custom-built forms and reports are in secure, affordable, and reliable hands with the AccountAbility Global team!

Call us to discuss your custom form and report needs or click HERE to schedule a report form demonstration.

custom-form-exampleAs you can see in the picture, your custom forms can be completed on a mobile phone (pictured), as well as a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, or iPad, automatically reformatting to fit your screen.  The mobile capability of the custom forms is extremely useful.  How else can a mobile maintenance manager check and record that all the boiler temperatures at the plant are in check, for instance?  Or how else can a hospital orderly report on their rounds to all the patient’s rooms?  And if it’s a vehicle inspection, you will probably want a few pictures taken.  No problem!

Whatever mobile custom workforce reporting software and app solution you need, we are excited to show you what we can offer!  Desktop or mobile phone, submission of your customized report forms is simple and goes where you want it to go in real-time.  The real-time reports are viewable by you, your board, or your customers, or anyone you wish to give access to.  The custom reports can then be saved to PDF on your computer, and/or printed.

And if you start with the Workforce Management System (pictured at the bottom of the page), then you can pull analytics for key reports as well.

DEMO the affordable, mobile custom forms and reports or call us to see if tailor-made forms and reports are best for you

The Accountability Global team will then brand your custom forms and reports to your business or government agency; your logo and name will appear on the reports we build you, not ours.  We will even match your administrative portal colors to your logo if you so direct, as well as the real-time customer database that you extend to your clients or whatever board members will need access to pull past reports at any time.

And while simplicity and ease of use are always paramount in any service offered through AccountAbility Global, our first-rate support and training teams will be here to help night and day, weekend and holiday.  It’s true, as any of you that have worked with our staff before can attest to.  The support and service that you will receive, whether specifically for the custom forms and custom reports or for any of the solutions we offer, will be in league with the best you’ve ever received.

We are aware that no matter how much we can show you, there is still an element of trust that you are placing in AccountAbility Global, specifically.  We will not let you down.  We look forward to being accountable to you.

Call our custom form and report specialists today at (800) 688-9633 or click for a report form demonstration.